Our Services

Wham Bam Media has the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalised form of business liaison. The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Wham Bam Media.



There’s little doubt that a custom-designed and developed website is ideal for business. We are trained professionals that can help you optimize your site for good search engine rankings, custom-tailor the look and feel to appeal to your target audience, reinforce your businesses image and branding and ensure that your content is easily accessible and the user experience enjoyable. Wham Bam Media give you the creative freedom to change virtually every element of your website as it is just as unique as your business.

Finding a domain name can be extremely frustrating. Wham Bam Media can find you the most suitable and available domain names for you to choose from for your business. Don’t waste countless hours looking for free name! Let us do the work for you.

Website Hosting and maintenance is just a part of what we do. We provide high quality service and support with a simple email and are able to assist you.



Mobile Apps

Do you have an idea for the next big application? We can custom build mobile applications to suit your design and technical needs. Creating custom powerful business applications has never been so easy with Wham Bam Media. Building a mobile presence has become more important in today’s fast and upcoming market and building that application with a trusted Australian business is important.

Building a scalable application that can be used for Android, iPhone or Windows can be tricky without Wham Bam Media’s professional help. The use of smart phones and tablets are rising exponentially which can help your business increase its bottom line.

Do you require a mCommerce application? Wham Bam Media can build custom shopping carts which are user friendly to keep your customers coming back for more. An easy shopping experience for your customers can give you a higher chance of repeat business. More and more people are using applications to do their shopping and it could be potentially damaging for your business not to have this convenient service.

Custom Software

Your business is unique. Therefore a generic business software solution may not suit your business. Your processes and services are what set you apart from the next business so why shouldn’t your software reflect that and give you the edge your business needs to succeed.
Wham Bam Media can build an ultimatebusiness software solution to suit your business. The direct needs of your business can be met with our expertise and knowledge. Your business can excel to new levels and set you apart from the rest with custom built business software solutions. Give your business the competitive advantage that other businesses don’t have.

Custom built business software solutions can enhance your businesses productivity, allowing you to reach higher levels of client satisfaction, efficiency and performance.

Anything you could think of to make your business run smoother, Wham Bam Media can build andmake everyday life easier.


  • Mood boards
  • Brand profile
  • Colour psychology
  • Inspirational Imagery



One of the first designs items that we stylise is your logo. There are many key elements that comprise of the logo from colour schemes, to choice of wording to placement. All these play an important part in branding. We want to evoke the exact emotional response from your clients that you want. Some of the logos we have designed for our clients include:

Business Identity Packs

Business Cards, Letterheads & Envelope Designs Part of creating a professional business presence includes using branded stationary such a business cards, letterheads and envelopes. Research suggests that when sending correspondences, using a branded letterhead automatically lets the receiver make a connection to your business, creates brand awareness and makes your contact info always accessible.

Promotional Material

Promotional Material is at the front of delivering messages to your target audience. The purpose of Promotional Materialis to convince clients that your businesses services or products are the exactly what they need, enhance the image of your brand, point out and create a need for your products or services, demonstrate new uses for established products, announce new products and programs, draw customers to your business, and to hold existing customers. Some of the tools that we can design include flyers, menus, posters, billboards, mail outs etc.



Once we have finalised on designs for your business branding, we can take the printing pressure away so that you can focus elsewhere. We print a range of products including:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • DL Flyers & Cards
  • Invoice Books
  • Receipt Books

And if you have a different request, we can endeavour to find a solution.

Google for Work Partner

Wham Bam Media is an official Partner of Google for Work. We have access to use and brand Google applications using your business logo and branding. Wham Bam Media can set up and maintain your custom Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Contacts and Google Groups.



More businesses are offering online shopping experiences for their customers. It is very important how your customers rate their shopping experience on the ease of use, functionality and design of the shopping process. Our product and service management system is easy to use and fully customisable to suit your business. Wham Bam Media create websitesthat are interactive, content rich and viewable on any device. Our eCommerce websites are secure and compliant, your order processing fast and easy with aprotected payment system.
Converting browsers into buyers has never been so easy! A professional, easy to use and well maintained ecommerce website is key to creating a successful online business.

The possibilities of multiple and diverse functionality are limitless. Options to create a newsletter that is automatically generated when a sale has started or a new product has been added are easy to add. Methods like this will always keep your brand and products in the mind of the consumer which will in return give your business a higher possibility of increased sales. Automatic features that increase your bottom line without the hassle of extra work!!

Hungry Data

Hungry Data is Point-Of-Sale,Kitchen Workflow, Inventory, Ordering, Customer and Employee management software solution. It has been specifically designed for the retail Food industry. The Order to Cash process that suits all types of eateries, restaurants, cafes, take-away outlets, food courts.

As Food POS Specialists they assist all the food industry from Pizza, Burgers, Chicken, Asian, QSRs, Cafe, or Casual/Fine Dining restaurants.

Hungry Data POS allows you to focus on making fine food rather than worrying about your system. The ease of use will keep your customers satisfied and your business running smoothly and securely. The use of our POS system will decrease service times and increase efficiency of food orders.


New Business Setup

Wham Bam Media is partnered with Kelly and Partners StartUp. Take the hassle out of setting up your business by consulting with Kelly and Partners StartUp to kick start your business. Setting up business registrations and accounting for a competitive price is only the beginning of how Kelly and Partners StartUp can help set up and ultimately grow your business.